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Here you find my Android Wear watch face creations for the fabulous WatchMaker Premium.

Most of them are made for round smartwatches and a few support squared watches as well.


Note: Please consult the how to install the watch faces page, if you don’t know WatchMaker.

Hamilton Watch Odyssey 2001

This watch face is a replication of the original movie watch from Hamilton which was made especially for Stanley Kubrick‘s movie 2001: A Space Odyssey and was never released for consumers. The Android Wear version features: Tap the hours hand to measure the hours past (the ring will move to the current hour hand position) Tap… Continue reading Hamilton Watch Odyssey 2001

Odyssey Destination

This watch is a tribute to Stanley Kubrick‘s masterpiece 2001: A Space Odyssey.

Meller Maori Nag Camel

This watch features zoom on tap in the middle logo change on tap on logo plate three dim modes on taping the seconds plate: no dim, normal dim, always dim The seconds hand shows the battery level whenever the watch is in dim mode. This is the list of included logos:


Captain Future Real

This is a new variation of my Captain Future watch face with a more realistic appearance.

Asphalt Chronograph

This watch was made especially for inline skaters. It features a tachymeter to measure the speed of inline skaters in a distance of 100 meters. Tap on ‘start’ to start the measurement and stop it when you reached 100 meters of distance. Now you can read the result on the bezel scale of kilometers per… Continue reading Asphalt Chronograph

ABC Clock

This is the fourth watch face of a little series of Clock Ident watch face adaptions. The fourth watch face is the Clock Ident of Australian Television ABC from about 1980. Here’s the original tv clock with a cool disco background music:

NHK Clock

This is the third watch face of a little series of Clock Ident watch face adaptions. The third watch face is the Clock Ident of Japanese Television NHK from 1969 to 1985. Tap the center to zoom. Tap the bottom to change style. Here’s the original Clock Ident: Here you can download the smartphone version, produced by… Continue reading NHK Clock

BBC1 Clock

This is the second watch face of a little series of Clock Ident watch face adaptions. The second watch face is the Clock Ident of the British Television BBC1 from 1975 to 1980. The hand moves are adapted as realistic as I could. Here’s a video of the original clock: The clock seems to have a huge fanbase. Here… Continue reading BBC1 Clock

ZDF 1974 – 1984

This is the start of a little series of Clock Ident watch face adaptions. The first watch face is the Clock Ident of the German Television ZDF from 1974 to 1984, which was very iconic to me in my childhood.

NIRU Watch

This watch face is an interpretation of the original concept from the designers Anton & Irene for AndroidWear. Especially how the hours and minutes move is a suggestion. The four minutes dots will never be a part of the original watch, they are just there because the minutes concept of the original watch design is not… Continue reading NIRU Watch

Time Lens

This watch face uses the metaphor of a photographic objective with uncovered aperture blades. Tap the middle to switch the zoom level of the watch face.


This minimalistic digital watch face shows time in 24 hours mode and the battery level as a circle indicator. You can switch between the current time and date by tapping the center. By tapping the bottom triangle you can change the color of the digits and by tapping the top triangle you can change the… Continue reading DigiDot12

Chain Reaction

This watch face displays the current month of the year, the day of the month, the part of the day, the hour, the minute, the second and in dimmed mode the battery level instead of the second.

Modern Times

I love the ingenious work of artist Charles Chaplin. This watch face is a tribute to his movie Modern Times.

Mia san echte Liebe

This watch face is a private watch face for a friend’s wedding. It’s here especially for the wedding guests. Tapping the left side of the watch face changes the background image. Tapping the right side changes the colors. CC-NC: Original watch hands by Terry Zahn.

Sign Language

This watch face shows time by the American Sign Language. You might use this watch face to learn ASL or to wear an unusual watch face that not everybody can read directly. To support understanding the signs, an hours and a minutes hand show you the analogue time. In dimmed mode the seconds hands at… Continue reading Sign Language

This is Madness

Update v1.1: Added dim mode settings. Tap 12 o’clock to change the dim mode.

Mini Cars

The red car is powered by minutes and the blue one by hours. The police car gets the extra power of seconds. Race around the world and don’t get lost! The map in the center of this watch face provides orientation.

Retro Logos

This watch face features: retro technology company logos tap on logo to change smart watch manufacturer logos tap on logo to change mode to look inside the watch face tap the date to change color changer for hands, watch face, border ring and background plate tap on the center, 6, 3 and 9 o’clock to change support… Continue reading Retro Logos

Watchmaker Edition 100.000

This is my second contribution to the WatchMaker community 100k celebration competition. It features a special minute hand movement and a watchmaker tweezer’s animation.  

WatchMaker Sun

This watch face is my contribution to the 100k competition of the WatchMaker – Beautiful Watches for Android Wear community to celebrate the 100.000st member. The basic rule was to include the WatchMaker logo and to show the appreciation to the app. So I set the logo of the app in the center and red branding… Continue reading WatchMaker Sun

Speaker Watch

This speaker watch shows you the beat of your heart. Tap the top center to initialize the heart beat rate measured on beats per minute. Tap the bottom center to toggle between feeling the beat and silent beats. Tap the middle center to change the time color. Tap the right center to change the membrane… Continue reading Speaker Watch

Energy Hands

This colorful watch face shows you the time and battery levels in the same hands. The phone battery level is displayed in the hours hand and the watch battery level is displayed in the minutes hand.


Do you smell it? This watch face is powered by gasoline!

Captain Future

Watch face of Captain Futures watch from the tv anime series. An alternative version can be found here: Captain Future Real.

Spirit Level

Use it as a spirit level for your wrist to exercise your coordination and balance. Tap the center to calibrate the spirit level. Tap on bottom to reset the spirit level. Tap on top to change the color.

Fusion DT1 Hybrid LCD/LED

Fusion DT1 Hybrid LCD/LED Watch from the great watch makers of Tokyoflash. Thanks to Johan P. Jonsson for providing information.

Homer Simpson Duff Beer Watch

It’s Duff Beer Time! Woohoo! Cheers! Now updated with color change on tap and squared watch support! Burp! Update 27.02.2017 Added color picker option of WatchMaker 4.


Note: This watch face was made for a German TV show and works only during January and February correctly in CET time zone. (Reason: Unfortunately WatchMaker doesn’t support programmatic setting of time zones and no UTC time variable.) Diese Uhr zeigt die Ortszeit und die Zeit in Australien zur Fernsehsendung „Ich bin ein Star – holt… Continue reading Dschungelcamp

The Mystery of the Screaming Clock

This is the smartwatch adaption of Aiga Rasch’s cover art out of the year 1970 for the German version of Robert Arthur’s book “The Mystery of the Screaming Clock” from 1968 of the series “The three Investigators”. German title: “Der seltsame Wecker” Series title: “Die drei ???” Google Play Music: Der seltsame Wecker Die Drei… Continue reading The Mystery of the Screaming Clock

Kanji Romaji

This watch has an appealing look and can be used to learn the japanese kanji characters by switching between kanji and romaji characters. Besides the numbers from 1 to 12 you can learn the irregular days of months, month names, weekday names and a few other words every time you read the time. By tapping… Continue reading Kanji Romaji

Heko LED Watch

I love the creativity of Tokyoflash! This watch face is a simulation of Heko LED. Note: Click on images to get the displayed times in usual notation. The four red lights in the upper area show the hours: 12, 3, 6 and 9 ordered like on analog clocks with the twelve on top, three on the… Continue reading Heko LED Watch

Amiga WB 1.2

Historic clock from Amiga Workbench release 1.2. Showing an adaption of use Clock V2.15 with the analog mode and digital mode 1. The analog clock appears in active mode and the digital in dimmed mode on your watch. Licences: TopazPlus_a500_v1.0.ttf created by dMG of TrueSchool and Divine Stylers under CC BY-NC-SA license.

IOIO Arrow Watch 80th

This watch was made in the spirit of the 80th. The watch model name adapts to your watch.


The small circle shows the hours and the large one the minutes. The animation was created by someone unknown. (If you are the creator of this animation meme, please contact me to mention your name or make changes because of possible licensing issues.)


This watchface is great – useful and adjustable. Tamio is beyond responsive – when I posted on G+ to ask whether it should be possible to calibrate my watch to make it more accurate Tamio added functionality to allow us to calibrate the bubble. Enjoy it. (Source)

Geoff Higgins

Amazing take on the Fusion, really sensibly done! Many thanks, I got my watch back after 6 years of malfunction 🙂 A real beauty! (Source) That’d be great! I loved that watch, unfortunately it broke after less than a year. I still have it though. And the manual (if you need it), even though it’s… Continue reading Johan P. Jonsson

Johan P. Jonsson

The effect is fantastic. Very best face. ? (Source) Wow Captaine Flam !!! You rock !!! Thanks ^^ (Source)

Cyrille LE RAY (CLR1)

This is an OUTSTANDING watch face. Out of this world. Great job putting it together. (Source)

Sirr Diarra

Nice work, +Tamio Honma. Tokyoflash has always made some unique watches. I imagine to code some of their strangeness here takes a lot of fun thinking at times. (Source) Lovely, Tamio. Thank you very much! (Source)

Evan Tapper

Woh! Really love it! Thnks! tnhks! A really nice and cool face! ???? (Source)


HA! That’s just great! (Source)

Braden Nelson

That’s brilliant! (Source)

William Cheng

great job, i like the formula you used for the seconds. (Source)

Stephan Schwöbel

 great watch face, it’s quite hypnotic to stare at as well (Source)

Fernando Viñan-Cano

Gorgeous!!!! (Source) Very fun and creative​. You code so ingeniously!!! (Source)

Terry „Wolfspyryt WatchAwear“ Zahn

Love The Three Investigators (Source)

Paul Stevens

this really made me smile, I loved my amiga back in the day (Source)

Lee Hughes

Impressionante seu trabalho, parabéns (Source)

Antônio Marcos

this is great man thank you ?? (Source)

Gary Dale

Very unique concept. (Source)

Chris Chastain

Fantastic ? (Source)

Pavel Srpek

Supported Smart Watches

These Android Wear watches are ordered by level of expected compatibility:

  1. All watch faces were tested on the Huawei Watch.
  2. Round watches with full circle display:
    LG G Watch R, LG Watch Urbane, Tag Heuer Connected
  3. Round watches with flat tired display:
    Motorola Moto 360, Fossil Q Founder, Casio Smart Outdoor Watch WSD-F10
  4. Squared watches are rarely supported by me, although they should work.
    (Watch faces with squared display support)

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